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Why Telcare? Because You Deserve the Best!

  • A wireless glucose meter that automatically uploads results online
  • Insurance Coverage for meter and test strips
  • No additional hardware or iPhone needed
  • Caregivers & physicians can access results online
  • Wireless connectivity provided for free
  • Optional - Auto-sync with the best rated iPhone App for diabetes (Now available for Android!)

The first app that automatically receives your blood glucose data

Benefits of the Diabetes Pal App:

  • Free Download for iPhone and Android

  • No more manual logging

  • Send personalized reports

  • Understand your patterns and trends

  • Connect with family members and peers


View all of your glucose data from your PC, Mac or Smartphone

From you can:

  • View all of your readings already organized for you.

  • Setup messaging options that get delivered to your meter.

  • Adjust your personalized BG target zones.

  • Print PDF reports.

Switch to our glucose meter and test strips and everything else is included

Telcare gives you lots of FREE features:

  • Wireless connectivity
  • access
  • Smartphone apps
  • Personalized feedback
  • Caregiver access

How can all these features be FREE?

In order to make a highly differentiated product that you will want to switch to, our business model is based strictly on the sale of meters and test strips that are normally reimbursed by your insurance. Check your insurance coverage now!

Much more than a meter

Your glucose meter can remind you to reorder your diabetes testing supplies before you run out. A tech support or supplies agent is only a phone call away at (877) 777-4710.

Enable provider communication

Healthcare providers have the option to provide automatic feedback and coaching — their messages can appear right on the meter's screen. If you would like to be more closely connected to your caregiver, this is the meter for you.

Connect your team

Choose to give anyone who supports you and your health — your healthcare providers, family members, significant others — read-only access to your glucose data. You determine the members of your support network that are allowed to view your results; you’re in control.

Graphs can make spotting trends easy's graphs and charts plot all of your data into categories such as time of day and by event (like Before Breakfast & After Dinner). You can even track your progress on individual goals using our mobile apps.

Print concise, statistic and graphic driven PDF reports allows you generate a PDF report that you can print out for your records or bring to your doctor at your next appointment. Simply select the range that you want the report for and click the button to generate.


Telcare implements privacy standards that are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as 256-bit encryption to ensure your records are safe and secure.

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