Better care costs less

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the same math applies to managing chronic conditions. Ongoing patient monitoring and timely interventions produce significant, positive results. Telcare is the first FDA cleared*, cellular-enabled diabetes solution that delivers comprehensive monitoring capabilities all while connecting the entire circle of care. We partner with health plans to bend the cost curve by actively managing your members and avoiding setbacks in health.

* FDA clearance does not imply approval.

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Engagement is the key

Timely clinical guidance is a challenge when physicians lack visibility of day-to-day changes in a patient’s health. Telcare eliminates this obstacle by providing actionable patient insights at the right time in the right form. Notifications and easy-to-read charts and graphs support monitoring beyond the office visit. Physicians are now empowered to provide guidance and encouragement when it’s needed most. Better compliance and clinical outcomes are the result.*

* Data on file.

Proactive care is the best care

Unmanaged chronic conditions are costly to both members and health plans.

  • health-plan-icon-monitoring Telcare’s extensive monitoring capabilities provide your physician network with timely patient insights.
  • health-plan-icon-circle-of-care Our ability to connect a patient’s entire circle of care promotes better clinical coordination.
  • health-plan-icon-physician-workflow Telcare taps into HIE networks and supports point-to point integrations so that critical data flows to the entire care team.

By supporting early, coordinated interventions,
Telcare helps keep your members on track.


Healthy, happy members are the goal

We understand that for health plans engaging members with chronic conditions on a long-term basis is essential but challenging. That’s why Telcare has developed an innovative communication platform that keeps member outreach personalized and timely. Telcare provides multiple channels for you to engage your members and we offer multi-lingual support. Telcare can be seamlessly integrated into a health plan’s care management strategy, including connecting with third-party population health solutions. The result is members who feel taken care of and not treated like a number.